[Sky]How to collect candle (pieces of light) [Children of the light]

When playing Sky, you can never have enough candles.

In this article, I’ll explain how to collect those candles!

Haruko & Haruo

Candle collecting is so basic!

If you’ve only ever played solo, don’t miss it, because it includes instructions on how to collect candles more efficiently!

If you’re a beginner, please make sure you know what you’re doing, because you can lose a lot if you don’t.

Targets of this article
  • Sky beginners
  • People who are used to playing Sky solo.



There are four ways to collect candles (pieces of light)!

For beginners, here’s how to collect candles (pieces of light), with pictures!


There are so many ways to collect them!


Some of the methods are easy to miss if you’re a newbie, so watch out!

1:Collect from Candles

You can collect pieces of light by touching the candles placed in each area!

You can collect many pieces of light from Candle cake (chunks of candles) at once, so it is recommended to visit only the candle towers in each area.

The area with the candles in front of the gate is the area where more candle cakes appear than usual. Don’t forget to go around!

On this day, there will be many candle cakes in Hidden Forest area.


2:Collect by burning Darkness

“Darkness” (blue-black cactus-like flowers) that exist in some areas can be burned.
Burning them will give you a piece of light, so be proactive and burn them when you see them!


It’s kind of creepy looking…


Exactly! ha ha !XD

3:Collect by joining the race in Valley of Triumph

As you play through Sky, “Valley of Triumph” area will be released.

There is a race in this area, and you can get many pieces of light at the finish line.

This is highly recommended because you can get a lot of pieces of light in a short time.


You don’t have to catch the pillars of light that appear during the race.


4:Collect by completing the daily quests

Successfully complete the four daily quests given to you each day, and you’ll receive a candle!

If you complete one quest, you will receive one candle.


There are many simple quests, so let’s not forget to do them!

Once you’ve gotten used to collecting candles, it’s time to try collecting them more efficiently!


I know how to collect candles, but collecting them is a lot of work…


It’ll take a while to get around the whole area…

If that’s the case, I suggest you work with your friends to collect them!

It’s easier to collect candles when you’re with a friend!


It’s easy to collect candles with friends!

Now that we’ve covered the four ways to collect candles, I’d like to point out that when it comes to candle run and daily quests, you’ll be able to collect candles more efficiently if you work with friends!

If you follow your friends, you can collect candles without having to control them yourself, and some of the daily quests can only be completed with your friends.


Making friends is good for a lot more than just collecting candles!

Collect as many candles (pieces of light) as you can and enjoy the world of Sky!

There are four ways to collect candles.

How to collect candles
  • Touch candles
  • Burn Darkness
  • Join the race in “Valley of Triumph” area
  • Complete the daily quests.

Especially the candle run and daily quests are much easier with a friend!

Now that you know how to collect candles in a fun and efficient way, customize your Sky child, give hearts to your friends, and enjoy Sky even more!





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