[Sky]How to collect hearts -in cooperation with your friends-[Children of the light]

You need hearts to get dress-up items.

There’s a limit to how many hearts you can collect playing solo!


When I didn’t know much about Sky, I honestly had trouble collecting hearts…


Don’t worry, I’ll show you lots of ways to collect hearts!

The more you progress in the game, the more hearts you will need to obtain customization items.

There will be cute items that use 90 hearts…!

Check to see if there’s a way to collect them that you don’t know about so you don’t have to struggle with it later!


Gotta plan ahead when collecting hearts! LOL!

Targets of this article
  • Sky beginners who are not confident about how to collect hearts.
  • People who are used to playing Sky solo.


There are five main ways to collect hearts on SKy!

There are quite a few different ways to collect hearts.


Five! How can there be that many?


That’s right! There are actually many ways to collect them!

Beginners, check it out so you don’t miss anything!

I’ll show you how to collect the hearts one by one!

1 Offering candles to spirits and collecting hearts

You can see that there is a heart in the spirit tree (already received in this image).

You can get hearts by offering candles to some spirits.

Call the spirits from the platform pedestal and have him trade you three candles for a heart!


If you’re a beginner, this is a good way to start collecting hearts!

There is a limit to the number of hearts you can earn this way.

2 Have a friend send you a heart or a piece of a heart

I got a heart from Haruo!

You can send hearts once a day to your friends who have released their Friend Tree to “Hug”!

It takes three candles to send a heart.


When someone gives you a heart, it’s good manners to return the favor!

When a friend sends you a heart, send it to them too!

If you cannot return the gift, it is better not to accept it.



Oh no, I’m out of candles, I can’t send hearts…

If you don’t have enough candles to send a heart, send a piece of a heart!

You don’t need a candle to send a piece of your heart!

You can also send heart fragments to friends who have not opened the friend tree.


Heart pieces are no cost, so keep sending them!


3 Complete subquests and collect hearts!

There are several sub-quests in Sky. Completing these sub-quests will give you hearts from the quest guides.

  • 4 trials in Cave of Prophecies(Isle of Dawn)
  • Quest to find the six bells in Sanctuary Islands(Daylight Prairie)
  • Quest for Lost Memories in Village of Dreams(Valley of Triumph )
  • Quest to collect 6 colored lights in Forgotten Ark(Golden Wasteland)

The trials in Cave of Prophecies can be attempted multiple times, so it’s nice to collect lots of candles and hang out with friends!

There is a limit to the number of hearts you can earn this way.

4 Collect message candle “likes”, collect hearts!

I left a message on the altar in the rain forest.

In each area of Sky, there is an altar where you can leave message candles.

For every 10 likes on a message you leave, you get a heart!


If you don’t have a lot of friends, it’s hard to get 10 likes.

This method is probably for intermediate to advanced users.


5 Pray at the altar of evaluation and collect hearts!

Altar of Evaluation@Hidden Forest

The Altar of Evaluation is located near the entrance to Hidden Forest area and in  Orbit  area (in the area after clearing Eye of Eden ).

You can get hearts by praying here.

You can only get one heart each in this way.

There is a limit to the number of hearts you can get with some methods!


We’ve completed all the sub-quests!


The number of hearts I can get from spirits is getting low…

I have introduced five methods, but there is a limit to the number of hearts you can receive in the next three methods.

  • Collect from the spirits.
  • Collect by completing subquests.
  • Collect from the Altar of Evaluation

What am I supposed to do?

For those intermediate to advanced Sky users, I recommend working with your friends to collect hearts!

The number of hearts you can get by cooperating with your friends is infinite ∞!

There is no limit to the number of hearts you can collect by collaborating with your friends in the following ways.

  • Hearts sent to each other with friends
  • Hearts received from message candles

Make lots of friends and send hearts to each other!


The more you interact with your friends, the more you’ll see in the constellations!

If you don’t have many friends yet, you can invite your friends to join SKy, or you can make new friends with strangers on Sky!

Collect as many hearts and enjoy Sky as many times as you can!

There are five main ways to collect hearts.

5 Ways to Collect Hearts
  1. Collect from spirits.
  2. Have a friend send you a heart or a piece of a heart!
  3. Complete the subquests!
  4. Write a message candle and collect likes!
  5. Pray at the altar of evaluation!

If you’re a beginner, start by collecting those spirits first!

If you are an intermediate to advanced player, it is better to send hearts to each other with your friends or write message candles to earn hearts.

Now that you know how to collect hearts, you can customize your star child and give hearts to your friends to make Sky even more fun!





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